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The One Step Rake is an incredible breakthrough in rake design. Not only does it take advantage of a larger tapered head which allows you to better control the direction of what you are raking but it allows you to pick up your raked material whether it be leaves, grass cuttings, thatch, flower or plant clippings, even pine needles and cones and you never have to bend over or get on your hands and knees to pick it them up.

The One Step Rake’s unique and patented design allows you to open and close the rake with the simple pull of the handle trapping the raked material between its tines and allowing you to deposit the material where you want to. No bending or stooping; no getting cardboard cut-outs to lift you pile of leaves; no more raking across and area you have already raked to make a larger pile and so incredibly much faster than traditional rakes.

Not only is the One Step Rake a fantastic rake for picking up leaves and grass clippings its pointed tines cruise through the grass for superior thatch removal. The One Step Rake is as good a scarifying rake as you’ll find. It is really two rakes in one and most importantly allows you to pick up what you raked from the standing position, never making you bend over to lift it up. If you can rake it up, the One Step Rake can pick it up. Fantastic!

Not only does the One Step Rake pick up what it rakes, you’ll find it just as useful for spreading of mulch, chip bark or compost for the same reasons. Use the One Step to pick up and place your compost in among your plants, open the rake head and then use the One Step Rake to spread it to the consistency you need all in one step and because the One Step bends and folds it makes it much easier to get between plants and shrubs to place the compost or mulch as well. Show me another rake that does all these jobs!!!

The One Step Rake represents a significant break through in rake design it offers so many more functions and is easy to use as well. It is probably safe to say that the One Step Rake will be the most used gardening utensil in your home. It is made of extremely high quality components and is backed by a full one year warranty as well.

The One Step Rake designed to make your gardening and yard work easier and has the design and quality of build to make that happen.

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The One Step Rake couldn't be easier to use. Simply use the One Step Rake as you would a normal rake and when you want to pick up what you have raked simply pull up on the handle and the One Step will contract around your raked material. Simply lift up what you have raked and deposit into your chosen disposal container.

Should you have a bad back and want to absolutely minimize the strain it is easiest to rake material into a pile stand the rake up straight or almost straight and then lift up on the handle and let the rake contract around the material. This way your body is in an upright position and the One Step is close to your body putting as little stress on your back as possible. The flexibility of use and exceptional design allows the One Step to be used in a variety of ways which best suits the user.

Now that is innovation!!! 


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One Step Rake gathers grass clippings
Excellent For Grass Cuttings

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One Step Rake picks up tree, hedge and shrub prunings as well


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Pick UP Leaves

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Dispose of Leaves

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